Barstow Children's Pageant Philosophy

Competing in a pageant should be a fun and rewarding experience for both the child and parent.  It is an opportunity for the child to
meet other children with similar interests, gain confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment.  A pageant should also
teach sportsmanship and self-improvement.  Although every child wins a sash & crown or tiara, our exclusive titles are earned by
the contestant, helping to instill in them at an early age, the importance of perseverance and humility.  It should be the child's desire
to compete, if they are of an age to choose for themselves.  For the parent, it's a chance to teach a healthy competitive attitude,
build character and share in the child's accomplishments and success, whether they win a title or just finish what they started.  It is
important that children look like children.  Any make-up for children should be extremely subtle.  We want our titleists to learn the
value of commitment and the importance of community service.

The Barstow Pageant is considered to be a “Natural” Pageant, minimal if any make-up and simple formal wear.  There is no benefit
to wearing glitz gowns.  Judges are instructed to not let ornate gowns influence their selections.  
* Professional Groomers are not allowed in the gym or dressing room.

We encourage that any Cash Awards be saved for the child's college education
                                                                                ~ PRIZES ~

Each participant will receive a crown or tiara, sash, trophy, keepsake memento & gift presented on stage

- Round Crown, beautiful embroidered Sash, Trophy, flowers, Jacket,
admission for self & 1parent to Teen & Miss Pageant (will be presented on stage)

2 PRINCESS'S - per division (each having equal value) Tiara, embroidered Sash, Trophy & flowers

DUCHESS - Remaining division entrants are to receive a Duchess Sash, Tiara & Trophy

COVER MODEL - Photo on Front or Back of Program. Sash, Trophy, Cover Model Pin and a $25.00 Cash

CENTERFOLD MODEL - Photo in center of program, Sash, Trophy, Centerfold Model Pin and a $25.00
Cash Award

RUNNERS-UP - COVER & CENTERFOLD MODEL - 2 each receive Trophy & photo in program

HONORABLE MENTION - Receives photo in program

PORTFOLIO MODEL - Special page in program, Sash, Trophy, Portfolio Pin and $25.00 Cash Award

RUNNERS-UP PORTFOLIO - 2 receive Trophy, with all entrants to receive a Portfolio Pin

PHOTOGENIC -Sash & Trophy (One per division) Can be entered on pageant day. (Each entrant receives
a special photogenic sash pin)

MINI-OPTIONALS - Sash Pins for 8 categories in each division. Last day to enter is at rehearsal. (each
entrant is guaranteed a special pin)

TALENT - 2 Talent winners (if enough contestants enter - age range determined after all entries are in) will receive a
special Crown, Sash, Trophy and will perform at the Teen & Miss Pageant.
“PIZZA NIGHT” - each entrant is guaranteed a special sash pin)

BARSTOW SWEETHEART - TICKET SALES - A special sash and tiara will be awarded to the contestant
in each division who sells the most tickets to the pageant. (Must sell more than 10 to qualify)

BARSTOW AMBASSADOR - PROGRAM AD SALES - The person selling the most in ad sales for the
program book will be presented with a special crown, sash, $100.00 cash and a special feature page in the
program book. In the event of a tie, the contestant who turned in the first ad will be deemed the winner. Ad
forms will be provided to those who wish to work towards this award. Must Sell a minimum of $200 in ad
sales to be eligible (Will be announced at the end - eligible for double crowning)

BARSTOW SUPREME - The contestant accumulating the highest points earned on stage INCLUDING  all optionals &
Talent, will receive a Supreme Crown, Special Sash,Supreme Pin, Flowers, Trophy, a Barstow Pageant Jacket and $50
Cash.  (will be announced at the end)

MINI & TEENY SUPREME - Mini-Supreme (5 - 12) & Teeny-Supreme (Birth - 4) are awarded to the contestant
accumulating the highest points earned on stage including all optionals, but
EXCLUDING Talent scores;  Both will receive a
Supreme Crown, Special Sash, Mini/Teeny Supreme Pin, Flowers, Trophy, a Barstow Pageant Jacket and $50 Cash.  (will
be announced at the end)   
All three Supreme titles may compete the following year but will be ineligible to win
any Supreme title.
1.  Contestant must be a bonafide area resident or attend a Barstow/Silver Valley Unified area school.   (residency requirements
    more restrictive for Teen & Miss contestants)
2.  Previous contestants may compete, provided they  have not held the title they are competing for in the past. (exception: waiting
    2 years after winning a division moved up into)
3.  Contestants will be judged on their overall appearance, personality, poise, and stage presence.
4.  An early registration day will be held where a discount is offered if entries are in and paid by this date, tickets will be distributed.
     * Even if applications are mailed in, contestant and a parent must attend one of the registration sessions.  All questions will be
    answered and this is where a digital photo of your child will be taken for the program book.  If you don’t have your photo taken
    at this time, your photo will not be in the program book.
5.  Entry fee, cover & centerfold model & portfolio fees must be paid by entry deadline date.
6. Mini-Optionals and Photogenic may be entered up to REHEARSAL NIGHT.  CASH ONLY
7.  Queen’s & Princesses will be encouraged to serve as visiting royalty, ride on the Pageant Float in the Mardi Gras Parade, and  
    attend other area events when requested.
8.  All tickets or stubs and money must be accounted for prior to checking in on Pageant Day or contestant will not be allowed onto
    stage.  (Best done on rehearsal night or earlier)
9.  All FEES must be paid in full prior to child competing.
10.  All parents and contestants must abide by the decision of the judges.
11.  Any contestant that physically harms another child on stage, will be required to leave the stage.
12.  Parents & contestants/titleholders with unhealthy attitudes regarding the pageant & activities throughout the year will be un-
     invited to events & may be ineligible for future pageants.  
13. The
“First in - Picks Line-up” Rule applies.  This means that the sooner you get your application in with a minimum deposit of
   $25, you will have the opportunity to pick your     
   place in the line-up.  Make sure you circle your line up choice on application: First (F), Middle (M), Last (L)  
14. Only contestants in the pageant will receive any special titles if offered  or awards earned from the previous year, i.e., Scepter
   Award, Modeling in Pageant Fashion Show (ages 4 on up, if mature enough), other special awards, etc.       Exception -  when
   contestant is ineligible to compete.
ENTRY FEES - Can be paid by anyone (mom, dad, family & friends, etc.) This is your sponsor.  Putting your child in a pageant is
like putting them on a sports team or in dance. It's something you do for their growth, development and to help build self-confidence.

REFUND POLICY -  You are free to withdraw from the pageant at any time, but under no circumstances, for any reason, will you be
entitled to the refund of any fee, either full or in part, that you or someone else has paid on your behalf, past the entry deadline
date.  You must request the refund from the pageant director by this date.  Absolutely no exceptions to this policy.

CHECK POLICY - You are responsible for all checks written on your behalf, to be written in good faith.  Should a check come back
for any reason, a fee of $20 per check will be required in addition to the cash value of the check. (If in doubt, don't accept a check,
you are required to make good any bad checks or you will not receive any Pageant DVD's ,cash awards or Savings Bonds and be
ineligible for future entry until cleared)

                        We reserve the right to combine, adjust or cancel divisions as necessary.  
                                               Each division must have a minimum of 3 entries.
                                                                    BARSTOW CHILDREN'S PAGEANT
                                                                                  All divisions $160.00

                                                                       Please read EVERYTHING carefully

Entry fee covers the processing of your entry, the digital photo taken for the program book with your sponsors listed under your
photo (space is limited, only 4-5 may fit) . Each child will also be guaranteed a crown or tiara, a sash, trophy, a contestant ribbon &
crown pin, a keepsake memento, a Pageant DVD and a special gift bag presented while on stage. On pageant day one parent is
admitted free with the contestant. All contestants are invited and encouraged to attend the Barstow Pageant Sizzle Night.

(30 second time limit)

Pixie - Pre-Teen - Speech should include some or all of the following: name, age, grade, hobbies & interests, parents, siblings,
SPONSOR SPACE - You may acknowledge additional sponsors or send a good luck message to your contestant by purchasing a  
Sponsor Space at a special price of $20.00.  All spaces are business card size but are separate from Ad sales. (Spaces may be
combined for larger space.)  Add $5.00 to include a photo.

COVER MODEL -  An area Photographer and staff will be selecting 2 Cover Model winners to be featured on the front and back
cover of the program book, one from the Children's Division and one from the Teen & Miss Division.  (Head & shoulder Photo 5X7
or 8X10 preferred)

CENTERFOLD MODEL - The pageant photographer and staff will be selecting one Centerfold Model from the combined entrants
in the Children's , Teen & Miss Divisions.  Guideline for this photo is at least a 3/4 to FULL body character shot (5X7 or 8X10
preferred - props OK)

PORTFOLIO MODEL -  Submit a folder that includes 4 to 8 photos to be judged as a whole; photos should show a variety of
poses, moods & styles.  To be judged on overall content, versatility & quality of photos from Children's Teen & Miss Entrants.  
Each entrant receives a special Portfolio sash pin.

                                                      THE MISS BARSTOW PAGEANT IN THE PAST
                                         (Provide a CD with all submitted photos along with hard copies)

TALENT - 2 Talent winners (if enough contestants enter - age range determined after all entries are in) will receive a special
Crown, Sash, Trophy and will perform at the Teen & Miss Pageant.
NIGHT” - each entrant is guaranteed a special sash pin)

PHOTOGENIC - Judged for natural photogenic quality by program picture and while on stage.  One winner in each division.  Each
entrant to receive a special Photogenic sash pin.

MINI-OPTIONALS - This is an extra opportunity for the contestant to receive special recognition for their efforts on stage.  A
separate panel will be selecting winners in 8 categories.  Mini-Optionals have no bearing on selection of Queens.  Each entrant is
guaranteed a sash pin.

SUPREME PACKAGE - Includes: Basic Entry Fee, Cover Model (one photo), Centerfold (one photo), Portfolio Model, All 8 Mini-
Optionals, Photogenic and Talent.

T-SHIRTS -  Order your t-shirts at Registration and you can pick up at deadline or “Fiesta Night.”  Shirts will be worn for “Fiesta
Night”, “Pizza Night” and rehearsal.  These will be the shirts that all titleholders will be required to wear to events throughout the
year.  Parents may order T-shirts as well.


                                           ~  We reserve the right to combine, adjust or cancel divisions as necessary ~
                                                              ~ Each division must have a minimum of 3 entries ~


EARLY REGISTRATION - Sunday, February 19, 2017 ~ 11:30 - 2:00
ENTRY DEADLINE - Sunday, March 12, 2017 ~ 11:30 - 2:00
- 1:00 Both Days

BOTH DATES: Ramada Inn - 1511 E. Main Street, Barstow, CA

~ Make sure you daughter is ready to have a photo taken for program book ~
~ And Pick up Pageant Tickets to sell ~

PLEASE: Submit CD of all photos along with hard copy

~ Bring any pageant clothing you wish to sell to registration and deadline ~

“FIESTA NIGHT” - February 23 ~  5:00—9:00

“PIZZA NIGHT” - April 6 ~ 5:00—8:00

~ Gifts for contestants who attend each event ~

Tuesday – April 25th  (Make sure you arrive before scheduled rehearsal)
AGES BIRTH - 4  ~  
 3:30 — 4:-15    ~    AGES 5 - 12  ~  4:20—5:25
WORKING PARENTS (late for designated time or unavailable earlier)  ~  5:30—6:30
Barstow High School


Baby Miss Barstow ………………………………………… 1 day - 11 months
Petite Miss Barstow ………………….………………...…………..…… 1 Year
Tiny Miss Barstow ……………………………….…………………….. 2 Years
Little Miss Barstow ……………………………………....……….. 3 & 4 Years
Pixie Miss Barstow ………………………………...…….……….. 5 & 6 Years
Junior Miss Barstow …………………………………….….…….. 7 & 8 Years
Young Miss Barstow …………………………………….…..….. 9 & 10 Years
Pre-Teen Miss Barstow ……………………………….….…… 11 & 12 Years

The age of the contestant on the date of the pageant will determine
the age division that the contestant will compete in.
If there is a discrepancy of information, fees or
prizes between the website and the paper application, the
paper application will be considered to be the official &
final document

Division                      Check-In                    Approx. on Stage
Baby & Petite                 7:30                             8:00                 
Tiny & Little                     7:50                             8:20                 
Pixie & Junior                 8:15                             8:45                 
Young & Pre-Teen         9:00                           9:30                  
Talent                             10:00                            10:30             
  All Divisions Return for Awards - 1:00 pm               


Baby, Petite, Tiny, Little & Pixie ………….. Short Party Dress or Sunday Best
Junior, Young & Pre-Teen ……………...……...…..……….. Floor Length Gown