The following are rules and regulations along with an idea of what would be required if you win a title.  

If you mail application in early, additional rules, regulations and a contract will be mailed to you upon receipt of this completed application and the
required deposit.

1. Miss contestants must be 17—25 years of age on the day of the pageant.  Must supply a copy of Birth Certificate or drivers license.
2. Teen contestants must be 13 to 16 years of age on the day of the pageant. Must supply a copy of Birth Certificate.
3. Contestants must meet the following criteria:
     - Single (not married)
     - Born female
     - Have not been previously married nor had a marriage annulment
     - Never have been pregnant, given birth or be pregnant
     - Must be a bonafide fulltime resident of the Barstow area for at least 3 months prior to pageant (prove entrant’s residency if not attending a local  
     - Must remain a fulltime resident for the duration of years’ reign (if military, include letter from commanding officer guaranteeing no
       transfer/relocation for year)
     - Should possess moral integrity (no criminal record)
     - Must provide letter of recommendation from a
local teacher, business owner or notable community member by entry deadline date
     - Consistent school attendance (certified attendance record from attendance office to accompany application; home schooled students to provide
       copy of school registration form)

4. If it is proven, any contestant or their family who exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct, will be ineligible for future competitions at the director’s discretion.
5. Previous contestants may compete provided they have not held the title they are competing for at any time in the past.
6. Past or current princesses may compete provided they upheld their contract for a majority of time throughout their year’s reign in the division they
wish to compete in.
7. Contestant is judged on the basis of physical fitness, poise, personality, stage and microphone presence and a personal interview.
8. Contestant is required to secure their own sponsor/sponsors. (Sponsors can be a business, friends, family or yourself -
it is best to approach
businesses that your family frequents)
9. A $50.00 fee must accompany this completed application in order to hold you a spot.  If accepted as a contestant the fee will be applied to your entry
fee of $400.00.
10. A $100.00 DISCOUNT is offered if total entry fee is paid by the early registration date FOR ALL CONTESTANTS.
11. Contestants (parent/guardian/other family member if contestant is under 18) are required to attend an orientation to be held on entry deadline day.
12. Contestant is required to attend a minimum of 10 of the scheduled rehearsals.  Dress rehearsal is mandatory.
13. Contestant is required to provide their own transportation to and from all pageant activities.
14. Contestant must sign in and out of rehearsals or scheduled activities.
15. Shorts or exercise wear, tennis shoes and high heel shoes must be provided by the contestant and must be worn to all training and rehearsal
16. No boyfriends, parents, or other persons will be allowed at training sessions or rehearsals.
17. Contestant is required to participate in all promotional activities.
18. Contestants must sell a minimum of 20 pageant tickets.  You will receive 1 free ticket for each 10 tickets sold.
19. Contestant must sell a minimum of 4 Fashion Show tickets.
20. Contestants will provide their own clothing for competition:

         MISS        - One or two-piece bathing suit and high heels
                         - Full length gown and high heels                                                        
                         - Interview outfit                                                                                       

         TEEN       - Black shorts & Nude/Taupe heels (a shirt will be provided)
                         - Full length teen style gown and heels
                         - Interview outfit
21. At no time will parents, friends, or professional groomers be allowed back stage or in dressing room area.
22. The use of cell phones during the pageant is prohibited.                                                                
23. The contestant selected as Miss Barstow and Teen Miss Barstow will be required to attend selected activities throughout the year.
24. All princesses are required to participate in 70% of scheduled activities throughout the year.  Failure to participate will result in the loss of
scholarship at the end of the year.
25. Contestants and parents or guardian must abide by the decision of the judges.  Any indiscriminate interference or negative comments by parent or
contestant is cause for contestant to relinquish any title awarded her and elimination from future competitions.
26. Any applicant entering this pageant under false pretenses (Rule #3) will forfeit any title and all practicable prizes awarded her.
27. Miss Barstow, Teen Miss Barstow and all princess's and Parents shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that is in keeping with the spirit,
prestige and public image of her title.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of title and all practicable prizes.
28. In the event that the selected Queen’s or Princess’s should ever fail to meet the criteria for being a contestant (Rule #3) or breach any issue of the
contract, a letter of resignation is required and the crown and sash must be returned.  All practicable prizes shall be forfeited.
29. Past Teen Miss Barstow’s must wait a minimum of 1 year before competing for the Miss Title.
                                                                             *  A maximum of 30 contestants accepted
                                                   MISS BARSTOW PAGEANT
                                                      ENTRY INFORMATION

ENTRY FEE: Your $400.00 entry fee covers many personal benefits not available in most pageants including a professionally produced CD, a
professional photo for the keepsake program with sponsors listing under your photo, the Photogenic competition, all training and preparation
for personal interview & fielding impromptu questions, pageant walk & turns and Modeling ramp work training for the contestant Fashion
Show.  It also covers one month Gym membership, a personalized make-up kit, a full set of acrylic nails or manicure or pedicure, a contestant
Tank Top and production number costume. (All yours to keep)  Your sponsors will also receive recognition every time you appear on stage.
A $100 discount is offered for all entries paid in full by the EARLY REGISTRATION deadline.

ORIENTATION: All contestants must attend orientation.( Exception allowed only by director with certain terms and conditions)  For those
contestants who are under 18, a parent must attend with you.  All rules and regulations will be discussed and the entire schedule of
rehearsals will be reviewed. Contestant numbers and shops modeling for will be drawn, sizing for T-shirts and costumes will be taken, and
many other important activities will take place.    

REQUIRED ATTIRE: Nice Daytime Dress (Photo taken for newspaper)

SPONSOR SPACE: Only the sponsors (maximum of 4) paying your entry fee will be recognized under your photo in the program book.  If you
wish to recognize and thank additional sponsors who have helped you in other ways, you may purchase a Sponsor Space for $20.00.  All
spaces are business card size and can also be used to send a good luck message to the contestant.  (Spaces may be combined for larger
space)  Add $5.00 to include a photo.


A Photographer and staff will be selecting 2 cover winners to be featured on the front and back cover of the program book,
one from the Children's Division and one from the Teen & Miss Division. FRONT & BACK cover winners will receive: Cover Model Sash, trophy
and $25.00 Cash Award. Four runner-ups (2 in each division) will receive their photo in the program and a trophy. You must supply your head
and shoulder photo (5X7 or 8X10 preferred)

CENTERFOLD MODEL: An area photographer and staff will be selecting one Centerfold Model from the combined entrants in the Children's,
Teen & Miss Divisions. Winner to receive their picture in center of Program, Centerfold Model sash, trophy and a $25.00 Cash Award, 2
Runner-ups will receive a trophy and their picture in the program. Must be a FULL or 3/4 Body shot (5X7 or 8X10 preferred, props OK)

PORTFOLIO MODEL: Submit a folder with 4 to 8 photos to be judged as whole, photos should show a variety of poses, moods & styles.
Portfolio judged on overall content, versatility & quality of photos from children's, Teen & Miss entrants. Entrants receive special Portfolio sash
pin. Winner to receive their Portfolio photos in Program, a Portfolio Model sash, trophy and a $25.00 Cash Award, 2 Runner-ups will receive a
trophy and their picture in the program.

rehearsal or earlier)

COVER MODEL: $30.00 ~ CENTERFOLD: $30.00 ~
BOTH COVER & CENTER: $50.00 ~ ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: $10.00 ea. ~       
PORTFOLIO: $40          
PHOTOGENIC: One Teen and one Miss Photogenic will be
selected from the photos taken for the program book.  
ENTRY: Included with your Pageant entry fee

TALENT: A talent competition will be held around 10:30 on
pageant day.  There will be 2 talent titles awarded (if enough
contestants) between the Children's and the Teen & Miss
divisions.  Each talent winner will receive a crown, sash,
trophy and will perform at the Teen & Miss Pageant.  Talent
competition has no bearing on selection of Queen's.  ENTRY:

If at least three (3) Teen & Miss Contestants enter
Talent, an additional Teen & Miss Talent Title will be

AD SALES: An award will be offered  to the Teen or Miss
contestant that sells the most in ad sales for the program
book.  Winner to receive a plaque, $200.00 cash and a
feature page in the program book. Ad forms will be provided
to those who wish to work towards this award, talk to the
director.Must sell a minimum of $300 for Teen & Miss division
to be eligible for award.
PAGEANT ENTRY FEES   (Check division entering)

TEEN                 MISS                   $  400.00               

Cover Model         ($30.00)                           $ ____________
___Extra Photos X $10.00 ea.                       $ ____________

Centerfold Model   ($30.00)                           $ ____________
___ Extra Photos X $10.00 ea.                       $ ____________

ENTER BOTH COVER & CENTER  ($50.00) $ ____________

Portfolio               ($40.00)                           $_____________

Talent                  ($30.00)                            $ _____________
REFUND POLICY: You are free to withdraw from the pageant at any time.  But under no circumstances, nor for any reason, will you be
entitled to the refund of any fee, whether full or in part that you or someone else has paid on your behalf, past the Entry Deadline Date.  You
must request the refund from the pageant director by this date.  Absolutely no exceptions to this policy.  (Most pageants offer NO REFUND,  
at any time)

CHECK POLICY: You are responsible for all checks written on your behalf, to be written in good faith.  Should a check come back for any
reason, a fee of $20.00 will be required in addition to the cash value of the check.  (If in doubt, don't accept a check, you are required to
make good any bad checks or you will not receive any pageant DVD's , cash or bonds, and be ineligible for future entry until cleared)

AGREEMENT: I hereby certify that I have read and understand the refund and check policy and contestant rules and regulations for the
Miss Barstow Pageant, Inc. and that I do agree to abide by and be bound to the same.  I further understand that my acceptance as a
contestant is not guaranteed until I have signed the contestant agreement and contract and paid all fees in full.  The Miss Barstow Pageant,
Inc. or it's appointed representative shall be the sole judge of the accuracy of the representations made herein. I further waive any claim I
may now have or hereafter acquire against the Miss Barstow Pageant, Inc. or any persons affiliated directly or indirectly with the pageant, for
any injuries or damages suffered by me during any pageant related activities, and including the activities during the year should I win a title.  
I also authorize and permit any photographs or videos of me to be used for publicity.  My signature below and that of my parent or guardian
if I am under 18 years of age, shall constitute this form a binding agreement and contract.

Name of Entrant  (PRINT)

______________________________________________________________________       ________________________
SIGNATURE OF ENTRANT                                                                                                            DATE

Parent or Guardian (PRINT)

_____________________________________________________________________        _________________________
SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN                                                                                    DATE

~  Bring any pageant clothing you wish to sell to registration and deadline ~
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prizes between the website and the paper
application, the paper application will be
considered to be the official & final document.
* Acceptance is based upon receipt of signed
contract, letter of recommendation from a local
source, school attendance record or residency
verification and all fees paid in full
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